Mandala (2010)

by Momentary Prophets

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released June 13, 2010

Momentary Prophets is Logan Byrd, Jake Hull, Ted Packard, and You

on Mandala we all sang, but Logan played Double Bass, Ashinko, Tambourine, Kick Drum, 12-string Guitar, and clapped . Jake played 6-string, 12-string, and Classical Guitars, Mandolin, Accordion, Organ, Tambourine, Maraca, Kick Drum, Double Bass, Sitar, and clapped . Ted played 6-string and 12-string Guitars, Mandolin, Banjo, Accordion, Kalimba, Clarinet, Ukulele, Double Bass, Ashinko, Tambourine, Singing Bowl, and clapped

Tommy Hunt played cello on Air and Found and made us so happy

Mandala was recorded and mixed by Sam Hurd, the only person we could imagine working with so long and so hard.

C.C.M.E. was recorded and mixed by Derek DeMike. Mandala was mastered by Charlie Pilzer.

Artwork by Ted, CD design by Logan, Furrowed Consent by Jake



all rights reserved


Momentary Prophets Virginia

::somewhere between memory, dream, and prophecy::
Momentary Prophets are dedicated to love, happiness, and the shared ecstasy of every new friend they meet. The trio's strong tie to the wonders and ineffable dream-moments of life is the primary force behind their writing and art. Ted, Logan, and Jake love harmonies, energy, and most of all you. ... more

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Track Name: C.C.M.E.
And the deeper you look the more beautiful it seems / in the murmurs of a world that's alive

Open your eyes and your mind and remember to open your eyes and your mind and remember you're free

They tell you you can't see those things that they've never seen
Track Name: Warmth
Sense the prism hidden deep inside, excited only by the light.
Bring warmth to a cold love.
She’s destined to bring life
Track Name: the Fox Song
“In dreams, love, I’ve come to find you.” In time out of mind a fox fell beneath the moon and cried, “My love has wandered lost! What help, what hope, can I offer?” And the moon, quiet, crescent, replied, “Follow him there.” But deep inside the fox’s worried heart held doubt. “What path can bring me to him? What hope, what light, will lead us from there?” And the moon, wide and full, replied, “I will ride in your eyes through dreams.” So down she crawled and through she crawled and in she crawled to her lover’s bed. She lay, she slept. In dreams she leapt to find her love with light in her eyes. Through dark desert she followed his trail. Through bog she traced his scent. Through canyons did she seek him. And walls of blackest fear - they crowded her trail. And the moon - shining through her eyes. She found her love huddled in fear. She stood before him and cried, “Open your eyes!”
Track Name: Marching Men
<<Shh, don’t say a word, the marching men are nigh!>> <<Will they sail on, pass us by?>> <<This house is not for reaping.>> <<Trusted sons they bear are killed by rusted guns like snare drums to the air.>> <<To cheer and wave them on?>> <<These men are not our heroes.>> <<Mother, why do we hide from the marching men outside?>> <<We’ll swallow trust and pride.>> <<A bitter pill to save us.>> <<Mother, do you hear? The hsound of screaming seems so near.>> <<The sound of guns and fear.>> <<The sound of widows weeping.>>
Track Name: Lullaby
Close without fear your weary, tired eyes. Sleep gently now, sleep gently now.
Don’t be alarmed when you wake if I have gone. Dreams like the dew vanish with the day. And when you open your eyes.
Track Name: Drawing the White
If only my love could find me in this life. I’d break down all the walls that stood between us. But death is no wall for me to break or climb. so I’ll wait in the field where the shade of the trees will keep me. Awake in the field where lives pass by on their way to meet the love that waits for them. waiting so patiently. Oh love that I know. I know you’ll come to find your love and rest by my side beneath the shade. I know you’ll come to find this love. Oh love that I know.
Track Name: Running
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Track Name: Air
Mute became the minstrel who had trained a harp to carry his words on wings. Today he would declare his song of love. His heart was hushed by another voice that sings. His lover sat in silence waiting for the words he’d picked for her. His eyes embraced the sky, he sang no song but asked instead, “Do you hear what the West wind brings?” A sonnet of devotion to the East, a lover far away. Forgetting all the words he fought to find, the minstrel turned to say, “Between us there is only Air.” Words were flowing out in endless chains. The preacher searched for the word on high. The congregation sat unstirred like candles waiting to be kissed by fire. "My fellowship, my brothers and my sisters," the preacher called. His hands embraced the sky and from the North a howling shook the walls. "Do you hear what the North wind brings?" The candles in their pews stirred and swayed now by the sound of God. A rapture stole the preacher to his knees. His heart had found the words, "Between us there is only Air." The Air we breathe is all the same. The Earth inhales. Solemn was the silence that the children hung. They stood by their mother's resting bed. Today a life had gathered to its end. The world had stopped but the morning ran ahead. Eldest child reached to hold her hand. The others held back tears, waiting in the silence for the last words of their mother. "Do you hear what the South wind brings?" The wind had swung inside to fill the room. The mother smiled in peace. Her soul embraced the sky and in her last breath the children heard release. "Between us there is only Air." The Air we breathe is all the same. The Earth inhales. We live. We die. Waking in the morning with the world I wait for the East.
Track Name: Found
raindrops fall and drum on the wall, ceiling and the floor. daylight passes, runs through stained glass and paints a scene on the door. humming lowly, breathing slowly, calling out to you. my quick crescendo spills past the windowsills calling out to you. leafless trees succumb to the breeze and sing vespers to the light. cold bare feet are numbed by the street, that’s frosted by the night. shaking coldly, still marching boldly, still calling out to you. my quick crescendo spills through the air that chills, calling out to you. the stairway mirror-lined, reflecting pantomimes of memories lost to sea. my trembling hands extend, gravity suspends. you're calling out to me. all roads led to you and all hearts bled for you and now you'd set me free. like petals of a rose, the door was never closed. I was, I am the key. jai guru deva om